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Hospitality House

The Hospitality House is used as a post funeral banquet facility. We can serve up to 50 guests.

Our catered meals at Hospitality House reduce much of the work and tension some families may feel concerning feeding family and friends following the funeral service. The home-like atmosphere provides privacy, unlike some restaurants. In addition, there is no feeling of having to rush, as at a restaurant, where other customers may be waiting to be seated.

A sample menu is provided below. The cost is $15.00 per person and $150.00 for the use of the property. Minimum number of meals that must be purchased is 30. The caterer requests this minimum number. The cost for 30 guests would be $450.00 plus $150.00 facilities rental.

It is my experience that following most funerals there are approximately 25 to 35 people at the graveside who may return with the family to share a meal and celebrate the life of your loved one.


Tossed salad
Rolls and butter
Fried chicken
Mashed or Parsley potatoes
Green beans
Coffee and iced tea

We also provide plates, napkins, silverware, and table covers.

You may provide your own soft drinks if you so desire. A refrigerator is available should you wish to bring meat trays, salads, or desserts from your home.

If you have a personal choice for background music simply provide us with three of your favorite CD�s or cassettes.

The Hospitality House may be used during visiting hours if you bring in your own refreshments. The charge would be $150.00. You may also provide your own caterer or family members to provide refreshments following the funeral service for the $150.00 facilities rental fee.